Bingo strategies Over 30 tips & tricks tested

Who wouldn’t want to increase their chances of winning at bingo with simple tips and tricks? Surely almost every bingo fan has thought about it when they finally found the bingo strategy  par excellence to get a great jackpot. So far, so good – but which bingo strategies really make sense and which are more of a waste of time? In this article we will review various online bingo strategies and find out which of the strategies are really recommended and which should not be used. After all, there are many black sheep on the Internet who spread tips and tricks that harm rather than good for gamblers.

The number of bingo strategies on the Internet is overwhelming: New strategies are added almost every day that are supposed to help gamblers to increase their chances of winning , and preferably with as little effort as possible. First of all, we would definitely like to advise against bingo tips that have to be paid for. Behind these tips and tricks are often only windy businessmen who want to enrich themselves with the curiosity of the players. So you should definitely only try free bingo strategies. Some of the strategies that can be found on the internet make perfect sense and with a little luck and skill you cancertainly lead to higher profits. With others, however, the added value is simply to have had a new – if not particularly successful – experience. What is the best bingo strategy is not easy to say anyway, as this depends on the individual situation of the user, for example also on whether he is a beginner or advanced player and what his budget situation looks like. Furthermore, a lot also depends on the quality of the casino provider – here too, of course, you should make sure that you choose an online casino that is trustworthy and reputable. Our exclusive online casino comparison  is a great help here and shows which casinos are really worthwhile.

Our experts have therefore looked at various bingo strategies for you, have put them through their paces and can therefore say with certainty which tricks are helpful and can actually increase the profits – let’s go! Five of the most popular bingo systems are explained in detail below.

The money management strategy

This strategy is about the sensible use of the budget. At the beginning, an overall limit is set for the entire course of the game, which is intended to prevent the player from suffering excessive losses. Furthermore, the stakes per round are increased as long as the gambler’s lucky streak lasts. The difficulty with this strategy is figuring out when to retire and when the “zenith” of your winning streak is reached. The money management strategy is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known Martingale game from roulette.

The little opponent strategy

The fewer opponents you have, the higher your chances of winning – that is the motto of the few opponents strategy. With this strategy, the most important thing is to find out which bingo events are little frequented and which bingo rooms are little visited. Since bingo is a rather sociable game, it is of course a bit unusual to look for bingo events with as few players as possible. Furthermore, the few opponents strategy may increase the chances of winning – but the winnings decrease because the stakes decrease due to the small number of participants.

The ticket strategy

This strategy is all about buying multiple tickets, as having multiple playing cards increases your chances of winning accordingly. You can also choose to choose similar game tickets or tickets with numbers that are completely different from those on the other bingo cards. The disadvantage of this strategy is that you have to place higher bets and then – under certain circumstances – suffer higher losses. Furthermore, the fairness of the game must also be questioned if, for example, one player has 20 cards and the others only one. The thrill is often neglected in such a game.

The auto function strategy

Many online casinos offer various auto functions that you can use as a user. There is, for example, the autoplay function, in which the system automatically continues to play for the gamer while he or she can recover from a strenuous round or chat in the bingo chat room. The autoplay function is to be understood as a kind of autopilot, which keeps sticky situations from the player and tries to get the maximum profit. Another very helpful function is the so-called “Auto Duff” function, in which the numbers drawn are marked on the virtual playing cards. This is especially useful when you have multiple playing cards. The “Best Highlight Function” also ensures that the cards that are close to the BINGO are marked.

The bonus strategy

Another very lucrative tip is the so-called bonus strategy. With this one specifically looks for a provider with a corresponding bonus offer and uses this by clearing the bonus and adhering to the wagering requirements associated with the bonus. Serious and lucrative providers can be found in our comprehensive casino bonus comparison , which shows exactly which bonus offers are worthwhile and which are not. Particularly noteworthy in this case are the no deposit bonuses – these are bonuses without a deposit, with which you can get smaller bonus amounts. For example, the Sunmaker No Deposit Bonus is recommended .